Pregnancy: The Naked Truth


Pregnancy: The Naked Truth is out NOW


‘Hilariously frank’ The Sun

‘Down to earth. Everything a new mum-to-be needs.’ Mother & Baby

‘An informative , honest read with well broken down sections on each stage of pregnancy, labour , birth and newborn stage. Plenty of information without being overwhelming and lots of humorous snippets inbetween. The real life stories are lovely and show how different everyone’s experience is. I will be reading it again before I embark on my second pregnancy.’ Anna Hext, New Mum


If you want a sugar-coated guide to pregnancy, this isn’t it!

Like a best-friend/doula/useful pocket guide all in one, this book will be with you through every stage of your pregnancy. Pregnancy: the Naked Truth is a refreshing, truthful guide to nine months of scary decisions, medical jargon and life-changing events. From scans, maternity leave and common pregnancy ailments, to what labour’s really like, we tell you straight – the kind of frank, honest advice you expect from your best mate.

We cover the questions that you’ll really want the answers to but may not want to ask, including:

• I got really drunk in the first 3 months – will my baby be ok?
• Will I need to wear big pants?
• What’s an episiotomy?
• Are piles inevitable?
• Can I still have sex when I’m huge?

Full of practical advice, this book will help waylay your fears and ensure you make the right choices for you and your baby.

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About the Author

Anya Hayes is writer and Pilates teacher specialising is all things pregnancy and post-natal. Her book Pregnancy the Naked Truth offers a no-holds barred guide to pregnancy answering all those embarrassing questions new mums are afraid to ask. She lives in south London and has two young children.