Podcasts are my go-to self care in the moment tool. I always put a podcast on on the way home from dropping the boys at school/preschool – it kind of makes a slightly dull walk into something that can be uplifting and nourishing. Or whenever I’ve got the luxury of a solo train trip … or frankly a great excuse to “pop out for some milk” on a Sunday morning and dip into an oasis of calm outside the sibling mayhem just for a moment. Podcasts make me think, challenge me to reconsider, allow me to learn new things without any effort (!), and inspire for new ways of dealing with angst of life…and best of all, simply make me laugh and let go of any nervous tension I might have been carrying around with me.

I’ve had the huge unexpected pleasure this year of being featured on a few of my favourite podcasts. So much fun to record, stepping out of my comfort zone more than a little (post-podcast anxiety is a definitely new thing for me to overcome!), but despite the nerves I’ve always loved chatting about subject close to my heart: my book  The Supermum Myth, and the ways that women can lift themselves out of a grey day or find ways of overturning mental habits that might no conger be helpful, tools for strengthening body and mind: offering ways of noticing when you need to find support and whether it’s “more serious” than just the blues, and hopefully make things seem a bit brighter. Here are my podcasts, have a listen and if you enjoy please do leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Not Another Mummy Podcast

I love Alison Perry! Since her podcast began it’s been my first port of call when I’m browsing, for interesting, moving and funny chats and insightful discussion about motherhood, birth, mental health and all the trimmings. She’s got such a lovely manner about her, so I was super excited to be asked to guest on the podcast. We chatted all things Supermum Myth – discussing MUM GUILT and how we could possibly release ourselves from its tight snake-like grip. Talking about anxiety and how to connect to your body to release the physical symptoms of anxiety which in turn calms the mind. We also talked Royal Baby and the pressures mums feel to “get birth right”. I could’ve chatted to Alison for hours. Have a listen here. Let me know what you think!

Live Three Sixty Podcast

I loved chatting with the gorgeous Tamu, founder of Live Three Sixty – a lifestyle brand aimed at busy women in their 30s and 40s who want to simplify life and create space for everyday joy.  “The everyday joy that comes from accepting ourselves fully in all our shades from light to dark, our entire 360 degrees. Working with ourselves rather than against, creating space to notice the beauty of things we overlook in the midst of busyness and the everyday joy that comes from doing the things that light us up.” I love the ethos of Tamu’s brand and we chatted for a loooong time about finding everyday joy and what that means for us. Have a listen. I’m also leading a Pelvic Flow workshop at her next urban retreat in February. Can’t wait!

Scummy Mummies podcast

I couldn’t love the Scummy Mummies more….recording this podcast was like a laughter therapy session. With my co-author Dr Rachel Andrew, we managed to cover really gritty hard hitting topics such as post traumatic stress disorder related to birth, post natal depression, anxiety and feelings of self doubt…and yet somehow I laughed more than I’ve laughed in years. Ellie and Helen have a magic touch.

Don’t just take my word for it, Alison Perry, award-winning blogger who has a chart-topping parenting podcast herself, tweeted “This episode of podcast with is such a brilliant mix of laugh-out-loud funny and have-a-small-sob insightful”.

So if you want to hear ways out of the darkness on those grim grey mothering days, or you just want to hear a bit more about The Supermum Myth and learn all about how you can bring your own brass band, check it out here.


The Motherkind Podcast

I was so happy when Zoe Blaskey, founder of Motherkind.co, asked me to be a guest on her podcast. She is such a gorgeous soul, uplifting in her energy and with a cheeky undertone to her presence. She’s got a beautiful 2 year old and has founded Motherkind as a way of helping other mums find their sparkle through the tunnel of nappies and sleep deprivation. We chatted about the physical responses that you have to stress, how you can bring your body back into rest and digest mode from fight or flight. We talk about forest bathing and tree hugging – which ok marks us both out as the hippies we unashamedly are! Had such a lovely time recording the podcast with Zoe we could have chatted all day…but I had to run and pick Freddie up (nearly missed him lost track of time!!).

Check out Zoe’s wonderful podcast here.

Nicky Raby’s Dreaming and Doing

Nicky is someone who I connected with on Instagram, she’s a life coach and actress and is one of the most wise and gentle champions of women’s potential. Her podcast brings together women in all spheres of business and working life, and offers guidance about how we can all move forward towards our goals, pushing through barriers and building our confidence. I loved chatting to Nicky, we talked about how I developed my career to “where I am now”, the general twists and turns of freelance life, and why we’re dancing to 90s classics….check it out here!!

Strong not Skinny Podcast

I’m a huge fan of Hollie Grant, the Pilates PT, Pilates teacher, author and Contributing Fitness Editor for Psychologies Magazine, and creator of the Model Method Online. You can check out my review of the Model Method here. So when Hollie asked me to guest on her podcast, to say I was thrilled would be an understatement. This podcast champions mental health conversation, confidence tricks and tips, physical health and fitness journeys. It’s an inclusive and informative resource. I loved talking to Hollie at her gorgeous new Mandarin Oriental studio in central London, about all things pregnancy, Pilates, postnatal and pelvic floor. Check it out here.

The Supermum Podcast

I was interviewed by Lisa York who produces the Supermum Podcast from her home in Australia where she lives with her 4 children – so she knows about motherhood juggling! We chatted about anxiety, calming responses to chaos triggers in the moment, and where the Supermum expectation even comes from. Check it out here.

BBC OS: Diastasis recti

I was invited to talk on BBC Radio about the Mum Tum – the condition that no one really understands and yet most women are affected by, diastasis recti. Check out the programme here.


Which podcasts are your go to favourites? I’m always on the lookout for recommendations!