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Caesarean birth: tips for immediate after care


Caesarean birth (mostly these tips are also applicable to all birth): after care. In the first few hours and days, focus on your breath and gently moving as much as you can to maintain healthy circulation and help the gassy belly release 🙏🏼. You’ll be tender and bruised. Maybe in heart, soul AND body. So be kind to yourself.
🕉 Wound care: please obviously call your midwife/GP if you’re in inordinate amounts of pain, have any fever or if the wound isn’t looking closed. I kept a maternity pad in the fridge, soaked with some aloe and tea tree, and placed it against the wound in my big pants. Keep the wound dry by patting it gently after showers/when you’re sweating like a mother.

🕉 don’t judge yourself. I looked in the mirror and tried to hold in my newly vacant tummy, and nothing happened. It stayed there stoically still, like a water balloon strapped to my front. This is normal. Be kind to yourself. You’re amazing ❤️

🕉 breathe. I mean, really properly breathe. You need to wake up your belly to its healing journey. Breathe low, long and full.

🕉massage: THE most crucial piece of advice for caesarean long term recovery. I still have pain from scar tissue build up, which causes pain and stiffness in my hip. It possibly wouldn’t be so bad if I’d known to massage. Massage massage massage. I’ll do another post devoted to massage. But remember, massage. If in doubt, just massage ❤️🕉🙏🏼

🕉 Drink enough water. Eat enough protein – your tissue and collagen are working their little socks off to heal. Help them by giving them the right fuel.

🕉 Remember, you’re amazing.


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