MUTU Mamas – postnatal core restore with the MUTU System

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of being invited to a screening of the documentary Embrace hosted by Wendy Powell, founder of the MUTU System.

The day was powerful both physically and emotionally, I urge EVERYONE to see that film. And then Wendy talked everyone through the tenets of her body conditioning system: that every women deserves the dignity of having a body that works. It was so refreshing to hear someone banging the same drum that I’ve been banging – about restoring your core in a sound, consistent, sensible way after children. About the importance of correct pelvic floor awareness and recruitment. About diastasis recti and its implications. I left that afternoon feeling buoyed and excited to test out the MUTU system programme and how I could recommend it to my clients and friends.

The MUTU system is a 12-week holistic programme tackling postnatal strength and recovery. You have access to a different module and programme each week, and you have a journal checklist each week to track your progress and spur you on. Each week contains different components, for example: Core workout; Walk every day; Read Alignment – Put your body in the right place; Watch Alignment Masterclass.

There is a nutritional element following MUTU rules which are clearly laid out and easy to access. You can download a shopping list and inspiration for meal swaps and guilt-free snacks – every mum needs snacks at her disposal, as we all know.

Each step is clear and easy to follow, and broken down so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming – each week you have a checklist of a maximum of 5 things to take into account and fit into your new regime.

There are two videos each week: Core workout and another: Alignment or Intensive, and they are all a manageable 11-25 minutes long. You’re asked to aim for between 3 and 5 times a week with each. And – my favourite as so easy to incorporate into a mum day – to Walk Every Day.

What is great about the information offered is that it is very comprehensive and in depth but it’s also from the heart: Wendy clearly understands what mums are going through – and have been through – in body and mind, and the programme aims to slot easily into the chaos of mum life.

This exercise programme comes from the angle that your body needs to be repaired and strengthened, not that you have to fit into your pre-baby jeans. But it’s not a quick fix: it looks at changing the way you habitually breathe and move every day. And as a Pilates teacher this makes me happy, because ultimately it’s not about that one hour of HIIT you do a week: your daily movement patterns, the way you carry yourself – the way you carry your child, are all so much more important to your daily strength than just one hour of exercise a week. But putting into practice the MUTU breath every day will ultimately positively influence the way you breathe and move in your life.

Halfway through the programme you get a motivational boost in the form of a personal message from Wendy to inspire you to keep going and take stock of your achievement. It is so important to look at the mental health effects of exercise and self care, and this is where the MUTU programme is so strong, focusing on how exercise will make you FEEL. And acknowledging that some days will be harder than others – to aim for reality not perfection.

Keep reminding yourself WHY you’re doing this, is the take home message. Making changes for life. Focus on your success. Positive change in your life.

I love this message behind MUTU, that getting older and being a mum shouldn’t mean you become invisible and have to put up with feeling poo.

It’s commendable that Wendy also makes it clear that it’s always preferable to be checked over by an expert such as a women’s health physio if you are suffering from pelvic floor issues or diastasis recti – or even if you aren’t as far as you know, it’s definitely a good idea to be checked over even if you don’t consider yourself to be “postnatal” any more.

And so I definitely suggest that you seek out a one-to-one in person session with a practitioner to check that you’re ok to take on a programme such as this. If you have had a caesarean, for example, the advice and guidance here is absolutely safe and correct, but without hands on guidance you can sometimes feel unsure about whether you’re doing it right. If there’s ever any pain in your scar area – you’re just not quite ready and might have to return to that section at a later date.

Being a fitness professional in this area myself, and with a forthcoming book on Pilates for Pregnancy, and soon to follow Postnatal Pilates, all of the information MUTU offers is along exactly the lines that I refer my postnatal clients to. As a starting point for exercise postnatally, it is gentle, motivating, encouraging, thorough. If you’re more of a HIIT girl, you may find that it’s too low key for you: there isn’t a huge “workout!!” Jane Fonda energy in the videos, so if you’re a high impact fun to the beat exerciser this might be too gentle for you.

For someone who is looking to embark on a new exercise programme post baby, the challenge appropriately develops over the 12 week programme – as long as you always listen to your body. There is an easy to use journal and checklist to monitor your journey, and no pressure at all to complete it in 12 weeks or 6 months – adapt it to what works for you in your own time. For me the programme ran over Christmas and a particularly crazy work vs childcare time in life, so there were some weeks that were more effective than others, but if you commit and pick up where you left off even if you have an “off” week, you’ll definitely feel and see some results.

Hopefully over this programme you will establish strength, self esteem and a new love of movement which will empower you for the rest of your life.

How much does it cost?
The course costs £146 and you get lifetime access to the programme. You can pay in full and receive a free kit bag (worth £37) or split the payments.

I have a 15% discount to share with my lovely readers with the code EMBRACE15. So to try out the MUTU programme for yourself, sign up here!

I’d love to hear what you think!! Have you tried MUTU? Do you think MUTU could be for you? Let me know xxx


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