Mojo detectives – pelvic floor restore 

Mama mojo. That elusive magic ingredient that gets lost somewhere between 3rd trimester cankles and the dark faceless beast of sleep deprivation. There are many other factors coming into play, identity,  confidence, anxiety...mixed up in a heady mojo cocktail which can lead to feelings of depletion and lowness. Which all makes us feel quite simply … Continue reading Mojo detectives – pelvic floor restore 

Mum fail?

This morning brought some more spectacularly misguided comment from the Daily Mail about the state of motherhood, basically summing up in one short piece of copy about what we're battling against as mothers in our society today. I haven't read the article myself, as seeing the headline alone referring to "slummy mummies" made my blood … Continue reading Mum fail?

Series: What’s in your toolkit 3 – Emma Cannon

Emma Cannon is a fertility expert, author,  natural conception and IVF support acupuncture practitioner, and has been supporting women in their fertility journeys for many years. I had the great fortune to work on Emma Cannon's first book, The Baby-Making Bible, when I was working for the health and wellbeing publisher Rodale at Macmillan, in 2008. Liz … Continue reading Series: What’s in your toolkit 3 – Emma Cannon