About Mothers’ Wellness Toolkit


Hello! I’m Anya, I’m an author, speaker and Pilates teacher specialising in mums and bumps, and regaining our mojo after childbirth.

Before having children I was a freelance writer and editor. I started writing a mothers’ wellness blog after I’d had a traumatic birth experience first time round, as a way of assimilating my own experience of motherhood. It was so different from my expectations (in myriad wonderful ways as well as the challenging ways) and writing about it was a way of finding a torch to show the path through in those days that are definitely more slummy than yummy. So many mums have since said ME TOO! WHY DOES NO ONE TELL YOU THIS?! My passion is helping to keep mums sane, strong and happy while we’re shepherding our small people and unfolding them out into the world.

I really believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and in our modern world we’ve lost sight of what shape that village needs to take. Social media becomes the scaffolding that used to be our neighbours and relatives. But what we really need is to learn how to trust our gut and to build resilience and optimism for the daily mayhem that having children presents. Find some time and space to be present, to find calm, to let go of pressures to be perfect.

In foraging for my own toolkit after I had my first baby I decided I wanted to present it to others too. Watch this space for more news of events, forthcoming books, collaborations. If you’d like to work with me, get in touch!