The Supermum Myth


Available now! My new book The Supermum Myth!

This book empowers mothers to stop feeling like a ‘rubbish mum’, by breaking down how we came to our expectations of the perfect idea of Supermum. Giving mums the chance to start having confidence in their own parenting, and generally enjoying their day to day life more.

Written with clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew, it’s a toolkit of therapies ranging from mindfulness and CBT techniques, alongside many other established talking therapies, to help you turn around negative thought patterns and learn to stop comparing yourself to others, or berating yourself for not living up to the unrealistic notion of Supermum.


Doing the activities in the book you’ll learn to view your parenting in a different light, to be kinder and less tough on yourself. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can get on with the business of enjoying being the great parent you were meant to be.

It’s not about lowering your expectations of yourself, it’s about accepting and acknowledging how well you’re doing.

The best mum is the good-enough mum. Let’s all begin to embrace our wonderful imperfection, and start to see ourselves in a kinder light.

You can buy The Supermum Myth here.



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